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All The Reasons You Should Not Go On A School Expedition

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I know all of the staff here at Rock and Rapid Adventures can sit at their desks and type out a list of over 100 reasons why we believe every student should go on a school expedition! I also know that from the typing speed of some members of the team, this could take a really long time! So instead I thought I’d get together a list of the reasons why students SHOULDN’T go on a school expedition. This list was much shorter and didn’t take as long!

So here are the reasons we came up with:

  • The jealousy levels of friends who didn’t go on the expedition may be too much to handle
  • Potential for sunburn – not good for your health or image!
  • Insane amount of increasing followers on Instagram
  • On your next 1-2 week family holiday you will suddenly realise you miss your friends more than ever
  • Do you really need to make more lifelong friendships?
  • People will continue to ask about your expedition and you will end up telling the same stories on what might feel like repeat
  • You’ll have the worst post-expedition blues you’ve ever had when you get home
  • Who really wants to make their CV stand out anyway? Over-rated!

To all the teachers reading this, we came up with a few reasons for you as well:

  • Voluntarily spending more time than necessary with your students could be a challenge!
  • Fighting all the other teachers who want a place on the expedition could result in injury
  • Being the most popular teacher in the school, for probably a while, could be a hard reputation to maintain
  • You will have to re-write your lesson plans so it incorporates the expedition
  • Is six weeks long enough for a summer holiday?
  • The struggle of starting back at school in September will be on another level
  • It’s a big responsibility to be the person who give students such an opportunity
  • You will have an uncontrollable need to do the whole process again – every year!

So now you’ve read all of our reasons against going on a school expedition it is down to you….

Do you think going on a school expedition, also known as a once in a lifetime, life-changing experience, is really worth it????

We know it is worth it! WHY? Because we run these expeditions every year and we are part of the incredible experiences and memories it provides – It’s one of the reasons we love our jobs so much! Seeing the change in students from the start to the end of the expedition 100% makes it worth it!

At the end of the day… Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity!

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