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What an experience this is… You and your students will get to visit the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, an epicentre of evolution. The island is home to some of the worlds most incredible wildlife that is mind-blowing in its variety, strangeness and beauty. The mountain areas of Sabah and Sarawak provide some of the best […]


If your students fancy themselves as a bit of an ecologist, then there’s nowhere better in the world. Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island with its own unique lora, fauna and wildlife, so you have to be on the lookout for cheeky lumers that hide in the trees! The main areas for trekking are […]


Greece School Expedition This is great first expedition for Students, Parents and Teachers. It is also one we love leading – Camping on the beach, working on a Turtle Conservation Project and White Water Rafting! What more could you ask for. Why is this expedition so good as a first one? Short duration This expedition […]

Costa Rica

Do you want to provide your students with an oversea expedition to a country that has it all? Then look no further… With stunning white sands of the Caribbean coast, protected tropical rainforests, mangroves, mountains, active volcanoes and the celebrated Pacific rollers… your students will be spoilt for choice. But keep an eye out for […]