Destination Overview

Greece School Expedition

This is great first expedition for Students, Parents and Teachers. It is also one we love leading – Camping on the beach, working on a Turtle Conservation Project and White Water Rafting! What more could you ask for.

Why is this expedition so good as a first one?

Short duration

This expedition is a 10-12 day trip, so it is great for students of all ages. It is also a perfect expedition to introduce overseas expeditions to younger year groups – We have taken had 13-14 years olds on this Greece school expedition.

Conservation Project

Working with animals is always something that is really popular on an expedition and also it is educational. It gets really good sign ups.

Within Europe

With the expedition staying within Europe this really does give piece of mind to parents and the school.

Covers all bases

We have the Adventure, Conservation, R&R and Culture all rolled into one expedition.


This expedition is great value for money compared to others, therefore it makes it available to all students.