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What Makes Morocco Such A Great School Trip?

morocco school expedition

There are many reasons why Morocco makes such a great school trip. Particularly if it is a student’s first experience of an expedition or they are nervous about either being far away from home or away for a long period of time.

Unlike other expeditions, to experience a completely different culture and go somewhere incredible, you have to sit on a plane for 8 hours+, this often either puts students off and puts the price of the overall expedition up.

For just a 3 hour plane journey, you will be in a different continent and part of a completely different culture. The only place you can travel for that amount of time and get a complete contrast to here in the UK. This makes it perfect for either a 7 or 10-day expedition. There are so many options for what you can do, with so much on offer and something for everyone, your itinerary can be entirely bespoke to suit your school group.

During your travels in Morocco, you will come across the incredible Berber people in their mountain communities, experience the colourful and vibrant Marrakech, trekking to North Africa’s highest mountain (4,167m) and working at a community project in a school. This will give a diverse, jam-packed and unforgettable week for any student!

For an exotic, life changing experience without having to spend a lot of money of specialist kit, flights and fundraising, Morocco provides opportunities you won’t be able to get anywhere else in the world.

So to summaries, here’s why you should consider Morocco for your next school expedition:

  • A short flight for a massive culture shock
  • Variety of experiences and activities available
  • No specialist equipment required
  • Suitable for anyone with any level of fitness
  • One of the least expensive expeditions we provide and when you’re actually in Morocco it is cheap
  • A sample for what bigger expeditions could be like
  • It will give you the travelling bug to take with you into adult life

Every year we run a teachers trip to Morocco, this is an opportunity for teachers who are serious about taking their students on an expedition to experience how we run ours. We pay for all of the teachers, with them just paying for their flights

“The trip to Morocco was a fab way to see exactly what students would experience. All those questions that swim around in your head are answered as you experience the expedition first hand. I have walked away from this trip with a real sense of what our students can experience on an expedition” Teacher who took part in our  Morocco Expedition

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