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Which Expedition Should I run first?

Have you or your School ever ran an expedition before?

One of the most common questions I get asked is where should I go for our first School expedition? It is always a hard question to answer, because it really is going to depend on a number of factors.

1. Your Students – How confident are they? How old are they? What budget can they afford? Are they committed to fundraising?

2. The Parents – How supportive are they? How trusting are they? And more importantly – What budget can they afford?

3. You! – How confident are you in taking students away on your first expedition? Where would you like to go? How much time can you give to this?

There are 3 trips that I think are great for your first expedition and I will explain this now and the reasons why I would recommend them.

Number 1 – Greece – Turtle Conservation Project


This is great first expedition for Students, Parents and Teachers. It is also one I love leading – Camping on the beach, working on a Turtle Conservation Project and White Water Rafting! What more could you ask for. Why is this expedition so good as a first one?

• Short duration – This expedition is a 10-12 day trip, so it is great for students of all ages. It is also a perfect expedition to introduce overseas expeditions to younger year groups – I have had 13-14 years olds on this expedition.

• Conservation Project – Working with animals is always something that is really popular on an expedition and also it is educational. It gets really good sign ups.

• Within Europe – With the expedition staying within Europe this really does give piece of mind to parents and the school.

• Covers all bases – We have the Adventure, Conservation, R&R and Culture all rolled into one expedition.

• Cost – This expedition is great value for money compared to others, therefore it makes it available to all students.

Number 2 – Morocco

Morocco is one of my favorite destinations to visit.

It also has everything for a school expedition. Whether Students want to climb the highest mountain in Northern Africa, Visit the Souks, Surf the Beaches or visit the Desert – Morocco has it all! Why does this hit the top 3 list?

• Cost – Value for money Morocco is the ultimate expedition. Morocco is only a 4 hour flight, and accessible with budget airlines. An Expedition to Morocco is guaranteed to give your students a great cultural shock, but still be within short haul flights.

• Short Duration – 7-14 day expeditions make it accessible for half term holidays as well as summer.

• True Expedition experience – Morocco will give your students a true expedition experience. They will feel as if they have been on a journey and have achieved something amazing.

Number 3 – Gozo

Gozo is my favorite expedition we organise at TSEC.

It is the perfect trip for October Half Term and the main reason to visit Gozo is for the amazing Diving in warm waters. I first went to Gozo in 2004 and fell in Love with it straight away. It is so different to its big sister island, Malta. With a very short flight to Malta, we jump on the ferry and head to Gozo. Temperatures at Easter and October Half term are around 25 degrees. In October the water temperature matches the air temperature so it makes for some amazing diving! Why is this a Favorite Expedition of mine?

• Gozo is amazing as an island! It is only 7 miles by 3 miles in size so is perfectly safe!

• Perfect Expedition for aged 14+ and small team expeditions as well (10 students).

• The same price as a School Ski Trip

• Within Europe – With the expedition staying within Europe this really does give piece of mind to parents and the school.

• Learn a skill and gain a certification (PADI Open Water) that will stay with you forever.

• If people have already dived before, they can do their next certification.

• This expedition gives students independence and teaches them life skills such as budgeting, cooking, time management and working with their peers.

These are my top 3 expeditions that I would recommend to teachers or schools looking to embark on their first overseas expedition. When you launch your first expedition you want it to be a success and with these trips success is guaranteed!

If you can make your first expedition a success, it makes launching your future expeditions a breeze!

If you have any questions, or would like more information on these trips, please click the links to the trips and download the Expedition Information Packs.

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