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We will attend your school and run a presentation to all interested students and parents. Once you have heard the presentation we will explain how you can get booked on. If you missed the presentation, please contact our office and we can explain everything you missed and answer any questions you may have.

To secure your place onto your school expedition you will need to pay the deposit. We then offer 2 options for payment. You can either opt to pay monthly by direct debit or 2/3 interim payments throughout the pre-expedition phase.

The minimum number on any of our expeditions is 10 students. Our maximum per group is 16 – if we have more than 16 sign up then we will take 2 Expedition leaders on the trip.

We recommend you contact your GP or local travel clinic at least 3 months before you depart on your expedition. They will give you the update information you require for your destination. For more information, you can check out –

Some countries we visit will require you to have a visa. We will discuss this during the pre-expedition phase. If you want to research the requirements you can visit

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We’re always here to help you with your new adventure, whether it’s big or small. We believe in a personal experience, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

A couple of popular destinations

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