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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail…

How we organise world class expeditions, every single week

How do you put on the best possible school expedition?

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

We’ve worked with schools for over XX years now, and in that time we’ve seen time and time again that the key to a successful school expedition is thorough planning and preparation of every single element.

That’s where our team come in…

Over the years, we’ve assembled a highly experienced team, passionate about giving young people lifechanging experiences, who can support you throughout the entire process.

The preparation process is just as important as the expedition itself, and will teach your students many skills that will help them prepare for their future, such as team skills, time management, fundraising skills and the value of money and budgeting.

The best way for us to show you the planning and preparation process in detail is with our Expedition Life Cycle.

The Expedition Process usually takes between 12 – 22 months depending on your expedition location and duration.

Throughout the lead up to the expedition we will run a series of meetings and training weekends to keep everyone informed and up to date on what is going on, and to ensure all questions and queries are dealt with.

The first stage will be an expedition presentation. Once you have decided where you would like to take your students, one of our team members will come to your school and give a detailed presentation to teachers, students and parents, covering the full itinerary and answering any questions.

Next up are two training weekends, both held in the UK.

The first weekend is based upon team building and fundraising planning, and you and your students will get the chance to meet your leaders and start to run through kit lists and ensure you’re fully prepared in terms of what to bring.

For the second more activity-based training weekend, you’ll experience a practice trek and more team-building activities.

Regular team meetings will be held both in-between and after these training weekends, and we’ll also hold a final preparation day to double check kit, tickets and run through any final questions or queries.

Once the expedition is over, our support isn’t. We’ll stage another presentation to showcase all photos, videos and experiences, and we’re also more than happy to write any character references that your students may need for college, university and job applications.

“I cannot praise The School Expedition Company highly enough. Their meticulous planning and excellent communication throughout the whole process was a role model of how to run an Expedition like this.” – James Hayes, Letham School

Help with fundraising.

Many students and teams will need to organise funding for their own expedition, so if you need help with fundraising, we’re definitely able to assist.

Over the years we’ve organized hundreds of expeditions with the use of fundraising, so it’s fair to say that we know better than most what works – in fact, we’ve even got our very own A-Z guide of fundraising ideas – for full details, click here and visit our fundraising page.

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Need help booking your School Expedition?

We’re always here to help you with your new adventure, whether it’s big or small. We believe in a personal experience, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

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