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Who else wants a highly experienced and proven team to run their School Expedition?

Over the last 18 years, we’ve worked with dozens of schools to help them broaden their students’ horizons, give them incredible experiences and help them learn vital life skills. Is your school next?

We’re the School Expedition Company.  You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in an expedition for your school.

If so, you’re in the right place.

(If not, you must have stumbled here from YouTube or Facebook – get back to the cat videos at once, we won’t be offended!)

Who are the School Expedition Company?

We’re a small business, and our goal is simple:

We seek to develop young people into well-rounded adults through overseas travel.

We do this by creating and delivering bespoke overseas expeditions to schools all over the UK.

We’ve been doing this since 2005, and it’s fair to say that having organised over 100 successful expeditions in that time, we really do know what we’re doing.

How do we work?

What sets the School Expedition Company apart from others out there is the fact that we’re involved in the entire process; from day one initial planning to post-expedition presentation.

We don’t just book the flights and leave you to it.

Instead, we use our expertise to ensure that every single member of the expedition is fully prepared beforehand, has a fantastic time during, and really maximises the experience and potential after the trip.

Unlike some of other companies out there, we only focus on one expedition at a time, which means we can focus 100% of our intention on ensuring that it is as complete, well-rounded and enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Where can you go?

The short answer is “lots of different places”.

At last count, we offer 20 different locations including Tanzania, Cambodia, Peru, Iceland to name a few.

All our trips are 100% bespoke, and designed around the precise requirements and interests of your school, so if there’s something specific you want to do or you want your students to experience, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

“I took a School Group to India. We had a custom itinerary put together for us because we had very specific aims – we wanted to work in an elephant sanctuary and also help in a school – I can’t recommend The School Expedition Company highly enough. Exceptional.” – Nia Ballard, Builth Wells High School

What are the expeditions all about?

Our expeditions are designed to help your students:

Who’s in charge?

When you choose the School Expedition Company to run your expedition, you’ll be put straight in tough with your own committed expedition coordinator, who’ll provide you 24/7 support during the expedition as well as in the run-up to it.

You’ll also receive very own “dossier”, specific to your trip.

Once described as ‘bloody priceless’, the dossier contains everything that you need to know ahead of the expedition, including information on the full itinerary of the preparation stages, training weekends and the full expedition.

As the main link teacher, you will be offered a free 3-day training course as teacher training to ensure you are fully prepared for your expedition.  As well as obtaining your First Aid Certificate, you’ll also be ready for most eventualities.

Oh, and did we mention that your place will be absolutely FREE?

“The group of Students that visited Kenya found it a life changing experience and ran out of superlatives to describe their experience” – Steve Williams, Worthing College

What about kit?

We know that kit can be expensive, and that’s why we’ll give you access to our very own dedicated retail department, allowing you to get your hands on the right kit at a fraction of the high street cost.

Anything else?

So I suppose the question is, when would you like your adventures to begin?

"Meticulous planning"

I cannot praise Rock and Rapid Adventures highly enough. Their meticulous planning and excellent communication throughout the whole process was a role model of how to run an expedition like this.

-James Haynes – Latham School-

"They worked around the clock for us..."

One month before we were due to fly the news came through it was no longer safe to visit Kenya. Within 24 hours Rock and Rapid had organised another trip, another itinerary AND meetings with the students and parents. They set the example of a company that really puts their customers first. They worked around the clock for us…

-Melinda Kennedy – Builth Wells High School-

"Life changing..."

We’re just about to send a second group of students to Africa with Rock and Rapid. The first group who visited Kenya found it a life changing experience and ran out of superlatives to describe their experience…

-Steve Williams – Worthing College-

"Highlight of my whole career"

By far one of the greatest highlights of my career, I would do it again in a heartbeat. R&R were fantastic and the impact the trip has had on the pupils was immense.

-Mehdi Najefi – Sheffield College-

"Mandy Hetherington - Wilberforce College"

Every aspect was hugely impressive. ‘Quietly supportive’ would be my description…Was grateful on several occasions for R&R’s support and help and would strongly recommend them to anyone planning a proper expedition.

-Hugely impressive-

"Just brilliant..."

The Teachers Expedition was just brilliant! It gave me the opportunity to see an expedition first hand and learn what I needed to learn before launching it with my students. I was able to answer staff, student and parent’s questions on my return and it just made me fully prepared of what lay ahead for me. I can’t recommend Keith and his team highly enough. If you are nervous about launching an overseas expedition at your school, book yourself onto the Teachers trip now!

-Lizi McKenzie – Mounts Bay-

"Customer Itinerary...exceptional"

I took a school group to India. We had a custom itinerary put together for us because we had very specific aims – we wanted to work in an elephant sanctuary and also help in a school – I can’t recommend Rock and Rapid Adventures highly enough. Exceptional.

-Nia Ballard – Builth Wells High School-


…absolutely fantastic time and the Expedition Leader was excellent. She allowed the group the right amount of freedom as well as helping ensure they were all challenged and stretched. It was brilliant.

-Mel Black – Wilberforce College-

"Best weeks of her life"

We had an amazing expedition in Tanzania – one pupil had said it was the best 3 weeks of her life. I feel the responsibilities and range of experience we had have impacted massively on the pupils. They all took the roles given to them each day seriously and really shone. Couldn’t be happier…

-Danial Hogg – Vietnam Australia International School-

"Trip of a lifetime"

It was the expedition of a lifetime. Although I have been teaching for eleven years and have been involved in countless trips, I have never taken part in an expedition like this. It was an amazing experience.

-Luke Francis – Mount Kelly School-

Always happy to help!

Need help booking your School Expedition?

We’re always here to help you with your new adventure, whether it’s big or small. We believe in a personal experience, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

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