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Can Teachers Really Travel For Free? Part 1

can teachers travel for free?

Well with The School Expedition Company they can – just spend two-minutes reading this blog article and you will find out how.

By organising the school expeditions at your school you will travel the world for free – guaranteed – however there is also a way to travel for FREE in the first instance without students in tow!

We know, that as a small company there are other larger companies in the mix when it comes to school expeditions. But we don’t want to be large, we want to remain small and provide the excellent customer service & personal experience we have always offered to our schools.

We want to work with teachers who want to build a relationship with us, and for us to be able to offer the service and product they expect from an excellent provider. We want to be the go-to provider for a small number of teachers for their School Expeditions. We want to create an elite group of top teachers who expect the best!

Trusting an organisation to look after your students overseas is a big decision to make, this is why two years ago we changed the way we introduced ourselves to schools. We decided that we needed to offer teachers a FREE taster trip as an opportunity to come and experience an overseas expedition first hand and sample what it is like to be on a Rock and Rapid Adventures Expedition.

These trips take place each year in the October half term and we are just getting ready to head out on our second trip. Keith, our Managing Director, will lead the trip and he is heading out armed with his cameras to record what actually happens on one of our teacher trips for Part 2 of this blog series.

The feed back from last years trip was amazing. One comment was:

‘Just Brilliant’

“The Teachers Expeditions was just brilliant! It gave me the opportunity to see an expedition first hand and learn what I needed to learn before launching it with my students. I was able to answer staff, student and parents questions on my return and it just made me fully prepared of what lay ahead for me. I can’t recommend Keith and his team highly enough, if you are nervous about launching an overseas expedition at your school, book yourself onto the next Teachers Trip Now”.

These trips are completely free for teachers, all we ask is you cover the cost of your flight to show commitment, we will cover all the other expenses for the trip. On booking an expedition with Rock and Rapid Adventures we will refund your flight cost directly to you. You will be getting a £1000 trip for free. So in answer to the above question

Can Teachers Really Travel for FREE?

The answer is Yes!

Come back in a few weeks and read part 2 to find out what actually happens on a FREE Teacher Trip.

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