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Our Guide to Fundraising for your once in a lifetime school expedition


Whenever we talk to a school about fundraising, or sometimes just even mention the word fundraising, there is a sense of panic and worry that always seems to be spread across the majority of student’s faces. The fact is, it is always more daunting than it sounds! We know this from experience, because we have worked with many schools that have never even thought about fundraising before and each one has turned into a huge success.

It simply is just one of those fear of the unknown type situations. It is great to have a vision of a really fun, exciting and successful fundraising idea until you realise you have to put some work and magic into it for it to become a reality. No one wants to organise a valentine’s dinner and dance and have no one show up!

There are many ways to fundraise; it is all about entrepreneurial spirit and getting creative to turn ideas into a reality! You can either make it your own or you can do it in a team.

We have put together a list of resources and websites that we find useful to brainstorm and gather fundraising ideas. Take a look…

Fundraising is achievable and it is a fun process to go through before the expedition begins. Anyone who seriously wants to go on an expedition will be committed enough to make this a reality. The trip means so much more and students appreciate it more when they have contributed and put the effort into fundraising themselves and being able to pay for their own expedition. It is also something you can put a CV and will stand out from the crowd!

We have created a fundraising information pack that includes:

  • Where to begin?
  • What are my options?
  • Make a plan
  • Sponsorship
  • Fundraising Events
  • A to Z ideas
  • Advice for Parents
  • Grants and Charitable Trusts
  • Resources
  • Social media and websites

To download a copy of this pack, just click here!

We love to hear success stories of students who have fundraised, sometimes the best way to learn is from peers who have gone through the same process and experiences are others are about to embark on, so get in contact if you are doing something amazing!

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