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Why take my Students Overseas?

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The phase “life changing” is branded around quite a lot, especially when talking about adventures and expeditions… but, what does it really mean and can an expedition really change your life?

Look up the phrase in any dictionary and you will find it’s defined as “having an effect that is strong enough to change someone’s life.”

Whenever you take part in one of our expeditions, it will impact your life in so many different areas.

Personal Development – an expedition will enhance your personal development. You become conscious of how determined and aware you can be. Your self confidence and esteem levels soar, as you successfully undertake new and challenging activities and scenarios.

Life skills – you learn the importance of integrity and leadership, whilst working as part of a team. You realise how to successfully lead and encourage others, whilst building on your team spirit and leadership skills. And you discover how strong your resourcefulness and initiative can be, when needed.

Communication Skills – you learn how to effectively interact and socialise with your team and the community around you. Communication doesn’t end with your immediate team though, you also learn how to effectively interact with the wider world, through your presentations on your expedition, as well as the blog posts and social media interaction you will carry out, whilst running your own online expedition blog.

Not forgetting the impact an expedition has on your health, happiness, motivation and stamina too. You also get to experience different and diverse cultures and environments and how to effectively budget, plan and execute a goal… right from start to finish.

In short, our expeditions are… life changing.

We at Rock & Rapid truly believe our expeditions have this effect on the students – and everyone involved – in one of our expeditions. You don’t even have to take are word for that. Have a read of the testimonials and feedback on our website… and hear it from both the teachers and students who have already experienced a truly life changing experience with us.

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